Vital Information about Probiotics and Vitamin K2 7

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Probiotics and Vitamin K2 7 play a very important role in the body. The body contains millions of bacteria in the stomach gut area. These bacteria are of very many types. The bacteria are mainly categorized into good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria help in boosting the immune system and consequently in the fighting off illnesses. These good bacteria are commonly referred to as probiotics. Vitamin K2 7 is an important element in the management of calcium in the body and the function of blood clotting. People who have a deficiency of this vitamin cannot clot their blood when they are bruised or cut. Vitamin K2 7 helps in the absorption and direction of the calcium functions. Essentially, it directs calcium to build the bones and teeth. A deficiency in this vitamin results in the entry of calcium in the arteries. A buildup of calcium in the arteries is bad for the heart.

In order to ensure the body has got sufficient levels of probiotics and vitamin K2, a person must include foods that boost the flourishing of this elements in the body. Vitamin K2 7 is gotten from the intake of animal products such as yogurt and some fermented foods such as soybeans, cheese, and natto. The growth of probiotics is promoted by the intake of fermented foods such as yogurt and apples. The foods that provide nutrients for probiotics are called prebiotics. Other prebiotics includes whole grains, garlic, onion, beans, honey, bananas, and tomatoes. It is believed that the mother’s breast milk also contains a lot of prebiotics which provides immunity and protection for babies.

The leaky gut is the home of probiotics and it is where they get their nourishment from. When the gut is inflamed, has a fungal infection, has ingested toxins or contaminated foods, it cause rupture, infection or inflame the gut lining. Inhalation of toxic gases is equally bad for the gut. The gut lining contains mucin layer that protects the intestine cells and lining. This lining has a mechanism of replenishing itself after every twenty-four hours. To do this, it needs a large supply of blood. When a person is under stress, has got gut infection or inflammation, the gut is not able to replenish itself. This thins or wears out the mucin layer and leaves the guts to unprotect. An individual then suffers from a leaky gut syndrome which causes diarrhea and irritable bowel movement. When the gut is infected it quickly loses a lot of blood and thus remains vulnerable. Gut infection should be treated with suitable antibiotics. During such treatment, the patient should increase the intake of prebiotics to deter a buildup of yeast in the gut. Check out for Just Thrive Probiotic.

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